Faith, Family and Fitness

So here it is, our very first blog post. We wanted to make this particular blog aligned with some of the things we value most. That is where faith, family and fitness come in to play.


When we speak about faith, we aren’t talking about a specific religion, belief system or demographic. We do have a strong foundation in the Christian faith and we look to develop ourselves on a daily basis with our faith. However, in the GRAND scheme of the world, faith means having a strong connection and trust in to the things that are occurring around us that we can’t see. Knowing that we as human beings weren’t placed here on this planet to just “exist”. Knowing that one of our many purposes is to serve others and to leave a legacy for future generations to follow. Being strong in faith and trusting in what can’t be seen is a powerful foundation to build upon.


When it comes to nurturing love and unwavering support, family is where it’s at. These are the very people that cheer you on, pick you up when you’re down and of course the same people who will “tell you like it is” when you’re getting off track. It is also important to note that family doesn’t always mean mom, dad, siblings…etc. If family were a feeling…it could be described as joyful, loving, caring, free, honest, authentic and trusting.


Fitness completes the mind, body and spirit connection. The benefits of a fit body are pretty much self-explanatory. It takes discipline and commitment to get on track and maintain a physically fit body. It also allows you to of course get out in to the world and achieve your life’s purpose in a major way.

Alone, these components are strong. Together, they are UNSTOPPABLE. Faith, Family and Fitness = Unstoppability